Friday, April 13, 2012


Recently, I needed to go get some things for Spring/Summer. A lot of my old shorts and bras needed to be tossed out so I bought a bunch of stuff. I mostly got everything from Aerie but I'm including some random items I bought and some shoes! So from Aerie, I bought 4 bras, but that's all ya really need to know ;) I also got 5 pairs of shorts (all different colors)
Then I ended up buying some t-shirts. They are so unbelievably comfy and I love the colors. I already know I'll be getting some more colors soon. What I like is they match the shorts, but I wouldn't go monochromatic with them. I like mixing colors.

I also picked up two plain tube tops in green and black, and then a nicer strapless top.
Then I ended up going to Target and JCPenney's and got some things from there. From Target I picked up an Eos shave cream in Pomegranate-Raspberry. I also recently picked up a lip balm from Eos in Summer Fruit, I'm addicted! The Essie nail polish were calling my name and I got two blues - Beach Bum Blue and Aruba Blue. I love these two colors!

 I did have one major regret from Target, and it was a product I thought I was going to really enjoy. I tried the Garnier BB Cream in Medium/Deep. While I am lighter, I had read reviews that lighter girls were using it to get color and it worked well. I don't know what they were doing, but it was like 5 shades too dark for me, so it immediately came off. However, in the 1 minute I had it on my skin, I developed a terrible allergic reaction to it. So bad that I tried it on Monday of this week and now on Friday evening, I still have the itching and hives. Needless to say, that is being returned and never bought again.

Finally, for shoes :) I got three pairs from JCPenney's, a pair of slip on shoes and two pairs of sandals. In total they cost $85 which is actually a great deal considering how expensive some shoes can be.

 So that's my haul/review for now, I am really happy (for the most part) with what I got, and I look forward to trying it all out :)

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