Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mayor Kardashian?

     Yes, this is not a brand new story, it broke last week I believe but if you know anything about me, I need speak my my peace on the matter.

First of all, what the what?

     Second, it really seems like this is just a publicity stunt for Kim, does she utterly and truly believe she is capable of being in politics? If she has made the decision based on our recent Republican candidates for the Presidential nomination, then well, it is no wonder she thinks she can manage.

     However, she answered the question of which political party she identified with, with this little gem:
“I like both the Democratic and Republican Parties. In fact, I like any party involving a lot of rich people.” 
     Just, wow.  No, it isn't the first time a celebrity has put their hand into the political pot, we have the governator of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Clint Eastwood was mayor of his hometown for a while even. It just doesn't seem like Kim Kardashian has a single clue on how to be mayor of Glendale, CA. It may not take all the political intelligence in the world, but just because she's good at selling a product, i.e. herself, doesn't make her fit to run an entire town/city. The quote above, should be a clear indication that she is not prepared to take on the daily quips of town leadership.

It won't be all glitter, champagne, and parties...unless that is what she decides to do as mayor; it might get a bit expensive around Glendale.

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