Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mini Haul 4/29/12

Happy Sunday everyone! Although I'm quite sad that the weekend is over, I feel like I did nothing. I stopped at the mall today to buy a poster frame and I gave into the shopping gods and bought a few items :)

First off, I want to show you the poster I bought. I've talked about him before but Phillip DeFranco, a super popular youtuber, has a company called For Human Peoples. He teams up with friends and guest designers and he sells t-shirts and posters mostly. I bought one of his posters that I believe he has a part in designing. I love this poster.

This picture is off the website:  If you can't see what the poster says I'll insert that here:

"This is America. There is no reason to lie, cheat, steal, unless you wanna be awesome. But don't fuck people over to get to the middle. You betray everything America is about. We didn't throw Britain's tea into the ocean because we wanted to be a mediocre country. We didn't let those fuckers line up in a line and then shoot 'em in the back, because we didn't want to be one of the best countries in the world. And we're not giving China an IOU, because we actually plan on paying it back. This is America; the land of opportunity to fuck people over. To take what isn't yours. But only if you plan on getting to the top of the mountain and waving what you have and that they don't, in their face. That's America."
The bottom of the poster says Phillip DeFranco 07/01/2010 and under that is
 Sorry if it isn't much of your taste, but I love it. His views on America are pretty much the same as mine. We were once a great country, but we have a lot of idiots who are ruining it for us. They are bringing down the quality of our government and our country and that is why we are not where we used to be.


So what I got from the mall! I first stopped in a store called Francesca's. It is such a cute store with mostly clothing and jewelry and a lot of vintage looking pieces. They also have cute trinkets like mustache straws and wooden boards with sayings on them. I love it. I am really into long sparkly necklaces and I found this:

^ It is a pattern of pearls and crystals all in a gold tone :)

 This is the necklace doubled up because it is so long!

Then I stopped into JCrew because that is my dream closet in a nutshell. And I cannot help myself! I bought a dress on sale and one of their basic t-shirts.

I really like the dress for summer, it is a beautiful color and it is linen so it will be awesome in the heat or at the beach. It has sleeves that end right before the elbows and an elastic waist but you can kind of make it slouchy. It also has two pockets on the sides! The t-shirt is a color combo (forest green and a pinky lavender) I've never seen or had before and I just immediately picked one out of the pile without even thinking!

Hope you Monday goes well! 

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