Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Well Sandy came and she kicked the crap out of the area. Sunday started off decently because we really didn't lose power all day. It was Monday that kicked Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey hard. 

What my Sunday consisted of: Hazelnut spread on a bagel and homework...

until we lost power on Monday 
 United Illuminating had to shut the power off to about 54,000 customers in Bridgeport and parts of Trumbull, Fairfield, and Shelton. Their sub-stations (10 in total) were in danger of flooding and the worst wasn't even there yet.

Over the last two days recovery has been slow and Trumbull actually got a lot worse before it got any better. At one point we had 90% of the town out with 50 roads completely blocked.

We got power back today (Wednesday) around 5:30pm and while we were one of the lucky was not an easy few days. It got particularly cold.

My thoughts go out to all of those without power still and those who are far worse than I.

Here are some pictures I took around town:

huge part of a tree before our mall

split in half

that is only part of a tree in front of the police station

very large tree down on someone's covered the whole front of the house

With power back things are getting back to normal...but my day has been anything but great.
Stay safe everyone.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Craft (Fail?)

So I just had to share this with you guys because it just cracks me up! Yesterday at work we had a Halloween theme day where all the kids could take part in Halloween crafts and activities. I was with fifth grade and we were going to do a craft. I am a lover of crafts and I love coming up with ones to do on my own but my boss had come up with this one. 

I thought it was an awesome idea and very cute. We were going to take empty round containers turn them upside down and decorate them to be mobiles with ghosts hanging off. We punched a few holes around the bottom (or top if the container is right side up) and we were going to hang packing peanuts off to be like ghosts. I let the kids paint the containers black and decorate with purple and orange paint. I thought it was looking great and I even made one!

Well, after we were done and cleaned up, we went outside. The first of my kids got called to be picked up and about 2 minutes after I send him up, I am told this on my walkie: "so and so's grandma says it looks like tampons hanging off his craft".

Oh my goodness.

We were all dying (the counselors and my boss). It hadn't even occurred to me that the yarn which was white and the packing peanuts (also white) would look that way! We had drawn faces on each one too! So we waited to see if anyone else would say anything, but I don't think they did. They were probably thinking it though!

There is my mobile!
A few of the ghosts

Needless to say, I had to bring mine home and see what my mom would say. I simply held it up and asked her and my dad what the first thing was that they thought of when they saw it. My mom first answered, "mobile" and my dad I think said Halloween. Then my mom gasped and said oh no... she guessed it. It was so funny. 

I still think they turned out cute even if they do really look like tampons :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Final Presidential Debate

Last night's debate may have been the most unexpected of debates the country has seen. The polls had essentially named Governor Romney the winner of the first debate and President Obama the winner of the second. The public, for the most part could agree. The problem with last night's debate may be that the answer just isn't so clear this time. 

There were pros and cons to each man and his performance in the debate. Ultimately though, it seemed as though Obama may have had the upper hand. Many people were probably more than aware of Mitt Romney mistakes overseas this year and his very apparent lack of foreign policy experience.

Here is the run down of pros and cons for each man - in my opinion: 


- He was confident and consistent throughout the debate. It was hard to tell if anything really shook him, although it is doubted anything did. 
- Some may see it as cheap shots, but Obama displayed a sense of humor last night. He saw and heard something he disliked and didn't agree with and instead of getting angry he saw the opportunity to take a shot. Sometimes if it presents itself you should take the shot. It made Romney look weak and old fashioned. 
-He stayed focused on the topics given to him. He was detailed in his answers giving exactly what the moderator was looking for in terms of an answer. Whether or not the answer is something the moderator agrees with is different. 


-He stayed away from a severe conservative tone. He is labeled as a flip-flopper but the fact that he is loosened up a little helps him be more attractive to the people. 
- He honestly has held his own in terms of all three debates. He has had some larger downfalls but in general, he was able to stay strong in his conversations with President Obama. 


- By the end of this debate it was clear that many of his answers were just memorized. He almost goes through his answers without thinking because they are the same things he's been saying since the beginning. 
- His shots at Romney last night may have hurt his image as a President. It isn't necessarily the most respectful thing to do however, it isn't the worst thing someone could do. 


- To start out, he simply is not knowledgable enough in foreign policy to have any sort of upper hand.
- He really floundered on the military, he made it seem as though he only learned about how it works in the last few months. 
- He was frantic in his answers, he was rushed from the moment he started talking because he always seemed to need to have the last word. 
- He was visibly nervous and maybe even shaken at times.
- What may be his largest fault is the fact that he literally repeated all of Obama's ideas but tried to pass them off as his own and different. Just because you word the same idea differently, doesn't make it your own idea. 

That may be the most confusing part of the whole debate. How could two men from two very different parties, have exactly the same plans and ideas? Obviously, we've seen it factually proven on the fact that Romney changed his postion constantly. We cannot be sure which man is telling the truth based on what they say about each other. No one has the time to go fact check all the things said on their own. We can only go based on what we think and what we see from each man in front of us. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Working with kids makes you feel old

I don't know why but working with the kids makes me feel older every single day. I'm just not able to keep up with them as much as I'd like to. This is especially true with my kindergarteners, I love those little guys but I cannot chase them for a full hour like they want! Thank goodness for my partner in crime, Eric, he does most of the chasing. He is known as "the monster" and I am known as "Miss Big Fishie".

Here's the story behind the name, because I know you're wondering:
The kids on one of the first days were using the jump ropes as fishing poles. So I decided to play along and grab the end hanging off the playground and be the fish. Well they loved it so much, they decided I was the big fish and they needed to catch me. I think I might have added the "miss" part but either way they love it. They don't even call me Jen anymore, simply Miss Big Fishie. They have all become my little fishies too. It is actually adorable and I love that they are still excited to see Miss Big Fishie, because I love seeing all my little fishies just as much :)
So that is the story behind my nickname! Even the older kids think its funny and they'll call me it. They're just being funny, so it doesn't bother me.

Anyways, the point of this post was for me to comment on how well my make-up held up after today. My nose is a little red and my under eye concealer is faded but hey, not bad for running around with 1st and 2nd grade girls today!

 Oh to be young again.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Get the look! Purple Smokey Eye

I'll show you the items I used to get this smokey purple eye! 

Face/Eye Primer: Both from Too Faced. The Face Primer is the Primed and Poreless and the eye primer is the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. 

Foundation: Make-Up Forever HD in Sand 125 - this stuff is amazing! My new holy grail foundation and I'll be writing a real review soon on it. 

Concealer: Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette. - This is one of my staples, if I am not using the Bobbi Brown concealers then this is what I'm using.

Eyeshadow: The Sephora + Pantone Universe Shades of Nature Eye Shadow Palette. I love this palette because it just has so many colors and you could create any look with this. 
The colors with red dots on them are the colors I used. 

The very top left - highlight on the brow and inner corner
The two browns in the first column - in the crease
The three pinks - mixed together on the lid (more of the lightest pink)
Dark Purple in the fourth column - outer corner and crease

Eyeliner: Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Eyeliner in Black

Blush: Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface

Bronzer: Hoola Bronzer by Benefit in the hollows of my cheeks and then I contoured my nose a little with it. 

Eyebrows: Clinque Superfine Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown

Mascara: Clinque's High Lengths Mascara on lower and upper lashes

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Earring Haul

A little while ago my mom and I took a trip to a tiny shopping mall in our town. It isn't our real mall but  it has a few okay places to go. One of the places we went for was Dress Barn. I didn't pick up any clothing by I did happen to find some earrings which I have been in desperate need of. 

I don't love earrings that dangle and I'm not big on hoops so finding these studs were awesome. I have really sensitive ears too so I needed something nickel-free. So here we go!

These first two sets have three in each and I think they are great for the year round. The first set has three pairs with a silver, gold, and copper color. What I really love about these are that they are textured. It makes them stand out a little without being obnoxious. The other set I love because the first two pairs I can wear in my second hole without getting in the way of the first hole's earrings...if that makes sense :)
This set has a pair of diamond looking studs, a pair of gold balls, and then a textured pair of gold balls.

These next two pairs are gorgeous and I'm so excited I found something like them. They are the same pair but one is gold with a yellow center gem and the other is silver with what looks like a blue center gem. Each has a ring of white gems around it. I feel like these while they look fancier can be pulled off with anything if done right. 

Then not too exciting but I bought a package of all different kinds of backings because I always end up losing those!

So there you go! My ears are happy with new sparkly things! Have you gotten any good pieces of jewelry lately?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Politicians and their Contributors

That right there is a widget being rereleased by Wired and Maplight. It is where you can search by state, office, or name and see the top ten contributors to each candidate. In other words, it is a way to see who is "buying" our candidates.

Some will deny it but the influence of donors and contributors to politicians is how some or many of their beliefs are formed. Take for example, out of my state, Linda McMahon, her largest contributors are JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley. So she will be careful to pick what she supports as legislature in case it hurts those contributors in any way. It is just basic common sense at this stage.

Wired and Maplight are offering this widget for free to anyone who wants to use it. I think this is invaluable to people because this is a side that we don't often hear about in elections. We should see what some of the motivating factors are in people's campaigns. It is a good way to really see where each person stands based on what we know (factually not rumors) about each company.

This could be used in both a negative and positive way, but I hope that many will just use it to become better informed, rather than make judgements.

Monday, October 15, 2012

October Birchbox Update

Emails are constantly popping up in my inbox, mostly because I literally am signed up for so many things on the web it is insane. I am slowly trying to unsubscribe from most, but today I got an email that I never expected.

If you read my last post, then you know that I ended up getting a repeat item in my October Birchbox. It was the Lulu Organics Hair Powder in Lavender and Sage, and while I like it I really don't love it. So I wasn't exactly happy with getting them again.

Lo and behold today I get an email from Birchbox apologizing for sending me the item for a second time! I was so pleasantly surprised that A. they caught that and B. that they reached out to apologize. Not only that, they gave me 100 points for $10 off a purchase in their store!

This completely makes up for the repeat, and honestly just the email alone would have been enough, they didn't need to give me more points. This just reinforces that Birchbox is an amazing company and that they really care about the customers and the business they do.

A million bonus points to Birchbox for being amazing :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

October Birchbox

It is Birchbox time again! This month Birchbox teamed up with goop, a lifestyle blog that Gwyneth Paltrow runs and it offers a ton of different things, including city guides. So if you were signed up, you received an email asking if you wanted to opt in to the goop box instead of getting the normal October box. I said what the hey, and opted in.   

The first item is a treatment mask by Karuna. This is the hydrating mask and you just take it out of the package and leave it on your face for 10 to 20 minutes. It is a cloth mask which is awesome because I've never tried those before. 

Next, is the Naked Princess Naked Shine lip gloss in Barely Nude. I'm always skeptical of lip gloss, because I generally hate them but oh my goodness I'm in love. This is a beautiful gloss, that smells, tastes, and looks incredible. It is not sticky in the least bit, it just rolls and glides along your lips and shines like no other. The full size is $26 and I am definitely going to splurge and buy one. I love this color but I might go for a different one. 

Then I found these two little packets (incredibly annoying those packets are) of the Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre - or Milk Cream Concentrate for non-French speakers. This is a holy grail product amongst the beauty bloggers and I'm curious to try it because it can be used as a cleanser and make-up remover too. 

 Sadly, this box ends on a negative note because the last two products ended up being so disappointing.  What I immediately noticed when I read the card was that I got a repeat item. I got the Lavender and Clary Sage hair powder from Lulu Organics. I got that product a few months ago and I'm still trying to get through it! I don't even really like it that much!

Then they included a Luna Bar...not just any Luna Bar but the Lemon zest one. It is so gross, I could barely choke down the one bite I did take. Further more, I can buy those in the gas station down the street. Not cool.

 So in general this box was pretty bad, and I wasn't the only one to think so. I went on the website and I read comment after comment about how awful people thought the box was. 

Better pick up your game Birchbox!

Friday, October 12, 2012

10.12.12 Haul!

Happy Friday everyone! Someone went shopping today and I thought I'd kick off the weekend with a haul post! 

First up, are these flats from Old Navy - yeah, you read that right. I was a little shocked too that something this cute existed but I'm only just rediscovering a like for Old Navy again. These are tortoise colored pointed flats. The only downfall to these is I'm a 6.5 and they only had a 6 or a 7. Also, they are a little flimsy feeling but honestly I don't wear "nice shoes" all that often so they'll last me a while.


Also at Old Navy, I picked up some new socks! I literally have no socks so I figured with the cold weather it might be a good idea. I picked up two packs, one that is all light grey colored and one that has a polka dotted pair, a black pair and an argyle patterned pair. 

I also got a plain white vintage tee because that is just a classic staple to have in your closet and then I got a black beanie! I really love the beanie look and I haven't found any good ones for a while so I picked this one up right away. 

I stopped in at Aldo because I had seen this pair of oxfords and I immediately had to have them. I knew that I loved the style and that I would wear them a lot. The problem is a lot of brands are making their oxfords very flashy or with multiple colors. There are some that do the classic style but then put a neon stripe around the sole...not what I wanted. 

At $40 these were amazing - only problem..they didn't have my size and I had to order them so I have to wait before I can wear them. 

The light makes me look way too yellow, I need to take a picture outside and put that one up.

So if you haven't guessed, I did in fact stop in Sephora and I probably took six laps around that place. It is truly a dangerous store for me :) I was good though and only bought two things. The first is a new foundation, and I am only just getting on the bandwagon now. The Make Up Forever HD Foundation has been out for ages but I never really thought it'd do anything different. 

I've only tried it once but I do really enjoy this. It is a little watery but so moisturizing, which was what I was looking for. In the cold weather my skin gets much drier and things look too powdery and dry on my face. This has been great so far. I am the color N 125 for anyone wanting to compare. 

 Then I picked up the regimen set by Korres called the Wild Rose Brightening Skincare Set. It is made for Normal and Dry Skin which is both categories I tend to fall into. I've used the 24-hour Moisturizing and Brightening Cream and I love it. So hopefully, I've found my new cleanser and moisturizer!

My final purchase for the day happened by accident. My main goal for going to the mall was to buy those oxfords and find boots. I knew exactly the kind I wanted too, black, with a little slouch to them and with no heel. Essentially, I wanted motorcycle styled boots but they were no where to be found. Apparently, the style right now is riding boots or high heeled boots.

So as I walked through JCPenny to leave I gave a look at the show section and I found these boots, and they did have black but I actually liked the deep brown better. 

Hope you enjoyed! Have a good weekend!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Time's Vice Presidential Debate Drinking Game!

Yes, you read that right! has released their rules for the Vice Presidential Debate Drinking Game! If I weren't going to be watching this with my parents and instead with some friends...I'd love to get in on the action.

I think this is brilliant and very funny - don't take my word for it though, go check it out for yourself.

Louis Acosta/AFP/Getty Images

Are you going to watch the debate? Any expectations?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Project

Okay, it isn't really a project, but it is an idea that has been swimming around in my mind for a little while and I decided to try it out today. The only reason I was probably able to finish it was because this is my last week of classes for this half of the semester so the work load is light.

I was thinking how cute it'd be if I could make holiday cards that resemble websites. It is something totally different and it'd be handmade which I think makes it even better.

So for the upcoming holiday of Halloween, this is what I came up with :

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Random Saturday Picture

We put my mom's scarf on Charlie and I have to say he look fabulous! :)

How's your weekend so far? 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Make-up Wishlist

Fall Make-up Wishlist

I know what you are thinking..."how can her make-up wish list be smaller than her fall fashion wish list"?

Trust me, this is probably just the tip of the iceberg but right now these items above are my to die for wants. Especially the make-up brush sets because I really just need more brushes. However, I honestly have fallen in love with everything here, in particular, the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint. I got a sample in my September Birchbox and I LOVE IT! I am certainly going to buy the full size. 
Can we just take a sec to adore the Urban Decay Vice Palette though? I mean those are killer colors right there, and I am a color aficionado so I would love that in my collection. I have always heard such amazing things about the Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencils and they are selling on Hautelook every so often so hopefully I can get them soon for a steal.

I am a sucker for Bobbi Brown and I love BB creams when they don't cause allergic reactions. Then I have the Lace and Lingerie Palette from Laura Mercier and she is now selling this exclusive artist palette. Her eyeshadows are amazing quality, and I recommend them 100 %.

Finally, I am going to have to go out and get a new face wash soon, and I have wanted to try First Aid Beauty for forever, so I might pop by Sephora and check it out in the very near future.

Do I sense an unexpected haul post soon?

Fall Fashion Wishlist

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