Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shop Bop Wish List

After some browsing on ShopBop, here is a wish list of some things I saw on there!

This dress is by Parker and I adore the colors on this dress and the chevron pattern is very popular right now!

The back of this Rachel Pally dress kills me, I would love to have something like that! Plus, I don't have too many bright pink items in my closet. 

I would love to rock a pair of black leather pants, when I go out to the bar or on a date night with Shaun even. It is something I've never done before, and cannot wait to try. These are by J Brand.

These earrings are fricking awesome! I'd wear them every day! These babies are on sale by Marc Jacobs for $19 too... I may just have to get them.

The description says the bracelet's color is brown, but this looks very close to rose gold - and I will want and wear ANYTHING rose gold. I'm in love with that metal. Marc Jacobs FTW!

And Marc Jacobs does it again! This necklace is gorgeous! This is something I would probably wear everyday, and I am not a big necklace person. Usually they have to be very delicate chained necklaces for me to wear. However, I'd make an exception for this ;)

 Speaking of delicate pieces, this is probably the most beautiful little bracelet I've seen in a while. It is by Gorjana, and I love it all the more because it is called the Gatsby Charm Bracelet. The Great Gatsby is my favorite book!

Last but not least, I love the idea of rope and metal combined. This is such an elegant piece without being too over dressy. The company, Sailormade, has this bracelet in a bunch of colors and designs.

Sadly, most of this stuff is way out of my price range...but it is fun just looking!

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