Monday, January 23, 2012

Hopeful new job

I just feel like I need to write about it, because I'm just excited. I just sent in my application to what could be one of the most life changing apprenticeships ever. It is through a group called Public Allies, and they set you up with different non-profit organizations to get a job. Then you work full time for ten months and on Fridays you meet with other members of your class at Public Allies for workshops, classes, and what not for development. I feel like this could be a real step for my career, which is terrifying that I'm even talking about it right now. I mean I've gotten to that point where I'm no longer looking for some regular job, I'm looking for positions in my field of choice. I'm looking for my career. Maybe it is so scary because I've barely even taken any political science classes yet...I start two in a couple of weeks. I start week 4 in my two classes today, Chemistry and History, so in exactly ten weeks I will be done with this semester and I will only have 8 classes left to take. Charlie is barking at me and I'm not sure why but he looked so cute I had to take a picture!

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