Saturday, January 7, 2012

School Trouble


For my chemistry class this semester, I have a lab section. Since I'm online the lab is through a company who simulates labs for you and you have to choose the right things etc. Okay no problem. Well about a week before classes start I was able to finally order the access code in order to use the lab website. It was $50.00 which isn't too shocking to me since textbooks can be like $200. 

I get the code today in the mail, and I go to register it since my classes have already started and I have a lab I need to do for next week. They sent me a biology code. BIOLOGY. On my reciept it clearly says I ordered the Chemistry one, and I get a Biology code, which is the other labs that the company offers. 

I should not be having this issue this far into college...hell I should even be taking Chem 101 right now, I already took it! Damn non transferring credits. 

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