Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gonna go see me some Shakespeare!

Ah! I am beyond excited right now. I bought tickets to go see Bebe Neuwirth in A Midsummer's Night Dream! It is one of my favorite plays by William Shakespeare. Yeah, I am a Shakespeare lover; I even took an honors Shakespeare class my senior year of high school!

I asked my boyfriend the other night if he would consider going with me and he actually said yes. I'm really happy we are going together, it will be fun to go to NYC just the two of us. Since tickets were sparse and the last show is May 20th, I bought two tickets for an 8 pm show on the 19th. I was hoping to get a 3 pm showing so we could do a late dinner, but I guess we'll just be doing an early dinner now!

The pictures I've seen on the internet look amazing and all the reviews have been fantastic.


I mean how gorgeous is that? And at like 53 she is stunning. Truly she is one of my biggest role models. I'll let you know how the show is! 

(picture is from Bebe Neuwirth's Facebook page)

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