Friday, November 2, 2012

Desk Supplies and Candles Haul!

It has been a particularly rough few days for me and while not much is helping right now, I did go out and do some shopping. I was in desperate need of a new filing system for all my important papers and one thing led to another. 

I first went to Staples, because where else would you go for office supplies? 

First, I needed more ink for my printer, because even though I'm taking classes online I find it easier for me to read things off of actual paper. Which makes it time consuming because I have so many pages to sit and wait for to print. 

I also needed some more of the Post-it notepads you see above. This comes with a pink color and a lime green color. I just think they are the perfect size to jot down lists of stuff I need to do or buy and I think I will always re-buy this. Also pictured is a package of cute tear-drop sticker labels by Martha Stewart's Home Office line. I think they may be used as labels, I'm not sure. Finally, I found those two very cute notepads for $1 at the register! I love them because I really love Europe and the old maps so they were perfect, the top is an old map of Europe and the bottom is a cute french themed one with the Eiffel Tower. 

Now, something I may not have mentioned before is that I am a die-hard Moleskine fan. I adore their notebooks and I actually have a few of them that I scribble in and draw in. They are truly the perfect notebooks and well worth the money. This is a "professional notebook" which I just had to have. It has different types of pages: project planning, index, to-do-lists, and adhesive tabs. I might do an more in-depth look at this. It'll be great once I start doing some web projects!

This is a Staple's special brand customizable notebook. I think these are just awesome and Martha Stewart's line has the same thing too. If I had known her stuff was 40% off I would have gotten her version. You buy a notebook that has lined paper in it already, and then it has special rings on it that allow you to add and take away whatever you want. They sell a bunch of different pages and tools to add in. I bought some grid paper and some page dividers. I'm going to use this for my code learning. As I'm learning all the new programming languages I want to take notes and the grid paper will be good for designing the web pages. 
This file box has a top with a compartment!
 I had to go to Target to find a box for my new file folders that I did actually get at Staples. The folders are from Martha Stewarts line, I thought the colors were so cute and they came six to a pack so it was a good deal. Until December 31st they are having 40% off of all her stuff so if you go and ask for the coupon they will give it to you. It says for one item but the cashier gave to me for all three items I bought. 

Now for the fun stuff! I had to stop into Bath and Body Works because during the storm I burned a lot of my candles. First, I found these really cute slippers that I'll just wear around the house. My feet are always cold and these are so warm.

Snowed In : fresh juniper, sugared sap, and sage.
Sandalwood Vanilla: exotic sandalwood,
 luscious caramel, fresh juniper and vanilla.
Honey Vanilla Dream: warm honey and vanilla
Vanilla Bean Noel: vanilla bean and caramel

A lot is going on above, I know. Just bare with me! So I had a coupon for a free mini candle so I decided to try Snowed In which is lovely. Then I also got a bigger Sandalwood Vanilla candle which is so warm and comfy (if a candle can be comfy :] ).

I always try to buy an anti-bacterial hand gel when I go in because I always use them, so while I was looking I saw they had a foam version and in the scent Vanilla Bean Noel. I love that holiday scent and the foam is awesome.

Then I saw the released a new scent for their Aromatherapy Sleep line called Honey Vanilla Dream. I couldn't decide if I liked it so I bought the mini body lotion and body wash. 

Then of course, they were having their buy two for $20 sale so I had to indulge. I bought these two holiday scents and I'm not big on the strong really floral or spicy scents. It honestly depends on the mix going on. Twinkling Night is a "Scenic celebration of blackberry and sweet nectar layered with notes of dark woods and patchouli". This is a sweeter smell but it is much lighter than other candles I've smelt. Whatever makes up the dark woods part of it really combines great with the rest of it. Sparkling Icicles is described as combining "sweet moss and bergamot adorned with a citrus bouquet". I don't smell the citrus as strongly which is a good thing. 

These two are scents I've had on the blog before but I wanted them in the large size this time. I have to say Fireside is one of my favorites, it is pretty strong but it makes me feel so warm and cozy. Fireside is a blend of "cedarwood, leather, and rich deep amber". I don't know why but I love burning this. The other is the White Barn No. 1 Nutmeg and Spice and this is another total favorite of mine. This is described as "A cozy concoction of spiced caramel and nutmeg evokes delightful memories of relaxing weekend getaways in the country". 

I hope you enjoyed this haul! Have a great weekend!

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