Friday, November 23, 2012

Mini Beauty Haul

Hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving! I spent last night after dinner building my new dresser from Ikea! It took me 2.5 hours but it finally is done. I'll put some pictures down below. On to more important things! 

I needed to run out and buy myself some Benadryl because I have these terrible red bumps and I'm incredibly itchy. So obviously, I picked up some make-up to go with :) 

I cannot seem to stay away from the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. I bought a red one named "Romance", which is so perfect. I adore this color, it is the perfect red for going out during the day. It isn't too big of a statement. 

Now, I have been hearing for some time about how wonderful the Wet and Wild Eyeshadow Palettes are. I have been impressed by the swatches I was seeing too, so when I saw this one I decided to give it a go. 

Sadly, my local pharmacy only has about three or four of them and I know there are others out there. "Comfort Zone" definitely caught my eye though. 

Look at those colors! They are stunning, and I was so excited about the duo-chrome color on the bottom right. It is like a dark green/teal with brown/cranberry duo-chrome. All these colors no matter how you match them are incredible and so many new eye looks can be made!

Left side of palette top to bottom going from right to left
Right side of palette top to botton
 going from right to left

Natural light 
The applicator comes with a brush
....and a sponge side

If you notice, the above two pictures show the bottom right color as a totally different color. That is the duo-chrome in direct sunlight. 

The pigmentation of these are insane and I am sure they are 100 times better with a base. They are very soft and you just have to tap the shadow to pick up a ton of color. I would worry about some fallout because they are such soft shadows, but that is nothing a tissue or foundation can't fix. 

The Revlon Balm Stain was $9.99 and the Wet and Wild Palette was $5.49, both of which were bought with my own money :)

Frame of the dresser
Charlie's version of helping

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