Monday, November 5, 2012

Why I Think People Should Vote

I am not going to sit here and lecture you on who you should vote for and I won't say that you absolutely 100% have to vote. 

Hear me out.

People go around saying that voting is one of the greatest rights we have as citizens of the United States, but I don't think people truly understand why. Sure - our vote doesn't directly go to the person we vote for. It goes to our state's delegates who then vote based on what their state chooses. 

That is just it - we tell the delegates how to vote - we decide which party and representative we want. If Connecticut is predominately voting Democrat then the delegates have the responsibility to represent our choice and vote Democrat. Which means that candidate gets the state. 

So yes, your vote counts. 

More than that though, it is a way to reaffirm your beliefs. It is a way to stand up against the policies of someone you don't agree with and side with the one you do. 

We all have different opinions and that is okay. Instead of sitting on our butts and arguing about them, go do something about it. 

Yes, I am going to vote for our current President because I identify with his policies and opinions. Am I saying if you vote for Romney you are wrong? Absolutely not. You have a different set of beliefs and opinions and things you stand for and I respect that. 

The only time I speak out is if you attack my position with false information or things that are factually incorrect or you tell me I am wrong. 

That is when I get to stand up and put you in your place.

But tonight I'm simply asking you to stand up for what you believe in. 

And if you don't know enough about either candidate and you don't feel comfortable - I think it is okay not to vote. People who don't know what they are voting for shouldn't vote because they still need the time to figure out where they stand. Or maybe they just don't care. If that is the circumstance then I'd rather you stay away from the polls. 

The purpose of voting isn't just for the good of the people but for the good of yourself. 

Do what you have to do, but be proud doing it. 

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