Tuesday, November 13, 2012


This is a long overdue post but I am very excited to share this with anyone and everyone. I have found that my passions have since grown and my love for the internet and design has finally caught up with me. So what better way to combine the two than making and designing websites?

Well the problem was I didn't know how to build one.

That is where Treehouse came in! I was doing searches to find a place online where I could learn how to code. I have tried Codeacademy but I wanted something different and once I found Treehouse I was hooked. Treehouse uses videos for their learning, you pretty much sit in on a lecture and then afterwards you take quizzes on the things you just learned.

Sometimes you will even mimic what you learned through an activity where you code and can see the result at the same time.

It is the best of both worlds for those of us who learn by listening and those who learn by doing. The best part is they let you see them writing the code on your screen and you can follow along and do it on your computer with them.

What is great is they use badges for each of their lessons, so there is an incentive to try and gain all of them. They have a blog that is so informational and they include videos and interviews all the time. They offer web

You can sign up for free and browse the videos they have posted for free users or you can become a paid member. It is $25 a month for the Silver level and $50 a month for the Gold level. I only recommend this is you are truly serious about learning programming. However, Treehouse has held a domestic and international scholarship program. I was one of the lucky individuals to be given a two year "scholarship" to the website.

Programming and web design are two amazing fields that people should start embracing. It is a growing industry and there are projects and companies all over who are trying to get this sort of education out to the kids and public.

Below I'll list the Silver and Gold plans for the site. You can check them out and their amazing blog at teamtreehouse.com.
Screenshot from the website

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