Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sick and Immobile

I have been sick for the last two to three weeks now. I know the flu is going around like crazy but unfortunately I have been dealing with my own monsters. I have a terrible chest cough and I literally have no energy at all. I've been out of a bed a total of maybe 25 minutes to shower since last night around 11:30 pm.

Hope everyone else is doing okay! My poor mom is sick now too, which was probably my fault so hopefully it'll go away soon.

I thought in the spirit of lots of people being sick, I'd share my top favorite things to do to try to make myself feel better!

1. Drink juice. I don't normally drink much except water on a daily basis but when I'm sick I crave juice. It is as if my body knows I need the nutrients. My favorites are Cranberry-Raspberry, Orange, and White Grape Juice. I also have re-found my appreciation for apple juice :)

2. Cuddle. This is usually in the form of my dog, since what healthy human wants to cuddle with a sick person?

3. Soup. I could go months without ever having a bowl of soup, and the second I'm sick I need to have as much as possible. Strange. Personal favorites include the mushroom soup from my local hibachi place, tomato soup with rice, and french onion.

4. Sleep. I try sleep as much as I can on a normal day but sleep is my best friend when I'm sick. It helps me avoid feeling how sick I am for a little while. Sucks though, when you can't actually sleep or can't do it comfortably, because more often than not you end up feeling worse.

5. Throat drops. I hate the ones that make you all tingly, I can't think of the word. So I opt for the ones that just taste like candy, but they do help! Hall's Breezers in cool berry are my favorite.

If all else fails, just cry. That's what I did last night and it helped get rid of some of the tension. Beware though if you have a stuffy nose ;)

Until next time!

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