Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years

Happy New Years everyone! I hope you spent it with good people and you had fun. There has always been something that bothers me about New Years. I think it is the empty promises we make to ourselves and the fact that we never take the time in other parts of our years to re-evaluate.

I do however, have a couple thing I want to work on. I'm not calling them resolutions but goals. I want to strive to achieve them and I want to have to work hard to make it happen.

1. My health- this isn't so much the lose weight goal as it is taking care of myself. I need to be more active and that will help with my fibro. I need to eat better which will also help. Finally, with that I want to try and get off one of the meds I've been taking for a while. I don't want to be on it anymore and I did without it once, I can do it again.

2. Staying honest with myself- this is probably the most important. I feel like through this last year I lost myself a little bit and I loosened up my beliefs more than I should have. There are things I tried to be okay with or tolerate that I simply could not. I need to stand firm in what I believe and make sure I don't change that for any reason unless I feel the need to.

3. Forgiving myself - I have and probably always will be too hard on myself. I set high standards and sometimes I don't meet them. Something I have struggled with is being a normal person. Normal in the sense of in my early 20s. I've struggled with that because I'm not average. I don't like certain things that are deemed appropriate for my age. Example, those who drink every weekend, those who enjoy hooking up with people. I don't do that. It isn't a knock to those who do, but that isn't me. I am very uncomfortable with those things and when my judgement slips it is hard to forgive myself. It is hard for me to realize mistakes are bound to happen. I just need to move on and grow from them, and not do them again.

4. Yoga, yoga, yoga - Plain and simple :)

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