Friday, January 4, 2013

Starting 2013

Well, I have to say I don't think I started 2013 exactly how I thought I would. I didn't do anything for New Years Eve which made me feel a little lame but c'est la vie. I got to watch The Dark Knight Rises again so it is still a win.

I was still getting over a concussion I got before winter break from work. I got hit in the head twice in one day with a kickball. Not fun.

One of the worst parts about this week is my older dog Murphy is sick, and I am super worried about him. He has a lot of kidney stones. Apparently he has huge masses of them in his bladder and two small ones that have moved to his ureter. He almost needed surgery but we're avoiding it right now. He's supposed to be eating a certain food to help get rid of the stones but he won't eat all. He barely drinks too, which isn't good.

Murphy is the only dog we've had since he was a puppy for this long. He is certainly one of the family just like Charlie is but it is scary. Those who have never experienced having a dog may not understand but it is painful to see my pup in pain and sick. Charlie has been so good with him too. He barked at him a lot at first because I think he knew something was wrong. But he doesn't jump on him or bug him and just lets him sleep.

Today's shift at work was awful and I won't say any more than that. Just plain awful.

However, I went out on a date tonight and I had an amazing time :)

I guess 2013 isn't all bad so far.

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