Monday, August 13, 2012

August Birchbox!

 Look what came in the mail today!

This makes me happy to see. It is nice to just get a present every now and then, even if you paid for it. 

This month's theme is back to school! Which is pretty cute, but I would have pegged September for that theme...oh well. 

There were some nice things in this box though! Instead of the usual card with all the products it gave you a folded booklet with the items and a bunch of beauty tips!

First up is a shave cream in a jar! Something I certainly have never seen before. It is by the brand Whish and the scent is pomegranate. I'll be using this probably the next time I shower, I'm just too intrigued. 

Along with that, I think the extra for the box was this Schick Hydro Silk razor! Which is awesome, I've been using disposable razors for so long, and they work just fine. It's nice to have a razor with replaceable heads is like a treat.

Then there was a card from Stila in the box with three samples on that back!
The first one on the left is their Stay All Day 10-in-1 beauty balm. I was looking at beauty balms (or bb creams) on Sephora's website a while back and I did see this. I just have too many foundations to finish before I'll spend the money for another. This was a great way to try it though. I put it on before I wrote this post! I would have used a little more than what was in the sample but I really love it so far. 

The two other samples are of their Stay All Day foundation and concealer which comes packaged together! The concealer in in the top! If you look at the picture below on the right you'll see what I mean.

 Then there was a sample of Viva La Juicy Le Fleur. I wasn't a fan of the regular Viva La Juicy but this I like. I'm a big rose girl and while it doesn't have rose in it, this is a bit reminiscent of it. The scent has sparkling mandarin, wild berries, honeysuckle (which is probably what I like about it) and jasmine (also a favorite of mine).

 Last but not least was this moisturizing cream called Yu-Be. This is really popular in Japan where it originated and the story behind it is great. The paper said this is a moisturizer that is safe for the whole body, lips and face! The special thing about this is it is glycerin based rather than petroleum based. I tried some on my lip and hands and I really liked it. I'm going to try and find it in stores.

It has lots of listed uses though; like burns and facial moisturizing and cuticles and much more!

This card was included in the box and it just says that this month's Birchbox is partnered with Pencils of Promise a group that builds schools in Central America. If you buy anything from the Birchbox Shop this month, then 15% of the proceeds go to Pencils of Promise. I though that was awesome and I wanted to include it.

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