Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Product I Love!

So I really just had to write a post on this because I have never been so excited over a product in my life. No less, a hair product. If you know me, then I am the least fussy person in the world about hair. I never ever blow dry my hair or use heating tools on it, and I pretty much never put product in my hair. It is always natural. 

Well, I've tried some hair oils in the past but have always been careful because my hair just gets so oily from them. However, I've found my new must have hair product!

This stuff is AMAZING! I bought it at Stop and Shop for maybe $9.00? I'm in awe of this, my hair is so much softer and fluffier and just feels and looks ten times better than ever. I've only used this twice and I'm writing this post, so believe me it is a great product. 

I love Organix's (the brand) Argan Oil shampoo, it is a renewing shampoo and it never leaves my hair oily and it makes my hair so much more manageable. I think this is my go to brand for shampoo, conditioner, and the oil for sure!

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