Saturday, October 20, 2012

Earring Haul

A little while ago my mom and I took a trip to a tiny shopping mall in our town. It isn't our real mall but  it has a few okay places to go. One of the places we went for was Dress Barn. I didn't pick up any clothing by I did happen to find some earrings which I have been in desperate need of. 

I don't love earrings that dangle and I'm not big on hoops so finding these studs were awesome. I have really sensitive ears too so I needed something nickel-free. So here we go!

These first two sets have three in each and I think they are great for the year round. The first set has three pairs with a silver, gold, and copper color. What I really love about these are that they are textured. It makes them stand out a little without being obnoxious. The other set I love because the first two pairs I can wear in my second hole without getting in the way of the first hole's earrings...if that makes sense :)
This set has a pair of diamond looking studs, a pair of gold balls, and then a textured pair of gold balls.

These next two pairs are gorgeous and I'm so excited I found something like them. They are the same pair but one is gold with a yellow center gem and the other is silver with what looks like a blue center gem. Each has a ring of white gems around it. I feel like these while they look fancier can be pulled off with anything if done right. 

Then not too exciting but I bought a package of all different kinds of backings because I always end up losing those!

So there you go! My ears are happy with new sparkly things! Have you gotten any good pieces of jewelry lately?

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