Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Craft (Fail?)

So I just had to share this with you guys because it just cracks me up! Yesterday at work we had a Halloween theme day where all the kids could take part in Halloween crafts and activities. I was with fifth grade and we were going to do a craft. I am a lover of crafts and I love coming up with ones to do on my own but my boss had come up with this one. 

I thought it was an awesome idea and very cute. We were going to take empty round containers turn them upside down and decorate them to be mobiles with ghosts hanging off. We punched a few holes around the bottom (or top if the container is right side up) and we were going to hang packing peanuts off to be like ghosts. I let the kids paint the containers black and decorate with purple and orange paint. I thought it was looking great and I even made one!

Well, after we were done and cleaned up, we went outside. The first of my kids got called to be picked up and about 2 minutes after I send him up, I am told this on my walkie: "so and so's grandma says it looks like tampons hanging off his craft".

Oh my goodness.

We were all dying (the counselors and my boss). It hadn't even occurred to me that the yarn which was white and the packing peanuts (also white) would look that way! We had drawn faces on each one too! So we waited to see if anyone else would say anything, but I don't think they did. They were probably thinking it though!

There is my mobile!
A few of the ghosts

Needless to say, I had to bring mine home and see what my mom would say. I simply held it up and asked her and my dad what the first thing was that they thought of when they saw it. My mom first answered, "mobile" and my dad I think said Halloween. Then my mom gasped and said oh no... she guessed it. It was so funny. 

I still think they turned out cute even if they do really look like tampons :)

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