Friday, October 12, 2012

10.12.12 Haul!

Happy Friday everyone! Someone went shopping today and I thought I'd kick off the weekend with a haul post! 

First up, are these flats from Old Navy - yeah, you read that right. I was a little shocked too that something this cute existed but I'm only just rediscovering a like for Old Navy again. These are tortoise colored pointed flats. The only downfall to these is I'm a 6.5 and they only had a 6 or a 7. Also, they are a little flimsy feeling but honestly I don't wear "nice shoes" all that often so they'll last me a while.


Also at Old Navy, I picked up some new socks! I literally have no socks so I figured with the cold weather it might be a good idea. I picked up two packs, one that is all light grey colored and one that has a polka dotted pair, a black pair and an argyle patterned pair. 

I also got a plain white vintage tee because that is just a classic staple to have in your closet and then I got a black beanie! I really love the beanie look and I haven't found any good ones for a while so I picked this one up right away. 

I stopped in at Aldo because I had seen this pair of oxfords and I immediately had to have them. I knew that I loved the style and that I would wear them a lot. The problem is a lot of brands are making their oxfords very flashy or with multiple colors. There are some that do the classic style but then put a neon stripe around the sole...not what I wanted. 

At $40 these were amazing - only problem..they didn't have my size and I had to order them so I have to wait before I can wear them. 

The light makes me look way too yellow, I need to take a picture outside and put that one up.

So if you haven't guessed, I did in fact stop in Sephora and I probably took six laps around that place. It is truly a dangerous store for me :) I was good though and only bought two things. The first is a new foundation, and I am only just getting on the bandwagon now. The Make Up Forever HD Foundation has been out for ages but I never really thought it'd do anything different. 

I've only tried it once but I do really enjoy this. It is a little watery but so moisturizing, which was what I was looking for. In the cold weather my skin gets much drier and things look too powdery and dry on my face. This has been great so far. I am the color N 125 for anyone wanting to compare. 

 Then I picked up the regimen set by Korres called the Wild Rose Brightening Skincare Set. It is made for Normal and Dry Skin which is both categories I tend to fall into. I've used the 24-hour Moisturizing and Brightening Cream and I love it. So hopefully, I've found my new cleanser and moisturizer!

My final purchase for the day happened by accident. My main goal for going to the mall was to buy those oxfords and find boots. I knew exactly the kind I wanted too, black, with a little slouch to them and with no heel. Essentially, I wanted motorcycle styled boots but they were no where to be found. Apparently, the style right now is riding boots or high heeled boots.

So as I walked through JCPenny to leave I gave a look at the show section and I found these boots, and they did have black but I actually liked the deep brown better. 

Hope you enjoyed! Have a good weekend!

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