Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Final Presidential Debate

Last night's debate may have been the most unexpected of debates the country has seen. The polls had essentially named Governor Romney the winner of the first debate and President Obama the winner of the second. The public, for the most part could agree. The problem with last night's debate may be that the answer just isn't so clear this time. 

There were pros and cons to each man and his performance in the debate. Ultimately though, it seemed as though Obama may have had the upper hand. Many people were probably more than aware of Mitt Romney mistakes overseas this year and his very apparent lack of foreign policy experience.

Here is the run down of pros and cons for each man - in my opinion: 


- He was confident and consistent throughout the debate. It was hard to tell if anything really shook him, although it is doubted anything did. 
- Some may see it as cheap shots, but Obama displayed a sense of humor last night. He saw and heard something he disliked and didn't agree with and instead of getting angry he saw the opportunity to take a shot. Sometimes if it presents itself you should take the shot. It made Romney look weak and old fashioned. 
-He stayed focused on the topics given to him. He was detailed in his answers giving exactly what the moderator was looking for in terms of an answer. Whether or not the answer is something the moderator agrees with is different. 


-He stayed away from a severe conservative tone. He is labeled as a flip-flopper but the fact that he is loosened up a little helps him be more attractive to the people. 
- He honestly has held his own in terms of all three debates. He has had some larger downfalls but in general, he was able to stay strong in his conversations with President Obama. 


- By the end of this debate it was clear that many of his answers were just memorized. He almost goes through his answers without thinking because they are the same things he's been saying since the beginning. 
- His shots at Romney last night may have hurt his image as a President. It isn't necessarily the most respectful thing to do however, it isn't the worst thing someone could do. 


- To start out, he simply is not knowledgable enough in foreign policy to have any sort of upper hand.
- He really floundered on the military, he made it seem as though he only learned about how it works in the last few months. 
- He was frantic in his answers, he was rushed from the moment he started talking because he always seemed to need to have the last word. 
- He was visibly nervous and maybe even shaken at times.
- What may be his largest fault is the fact that he literally repeated all of Obama's ideas but tried to pass them off as his own and different. Just because you word the same idea differently, doesn't make it your own idea. 

That may be the most confusing part of the whole debate. How could two men from two very different parties, have exactly the same plans and ideas? Obviously, we've seen it factually proven on the fact that Romney changed his postion constantly. We cannot be sure which man is telling the truth based on what they say about each other. No one has the time to go fact check all the things said on their own. We can only go based on what we think and what we see from each man in front of us. 

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