Thursday, December 27, 2012

After-Christmas Shopping Trip!

Sarah and I did a little bit of shopping today and I am pretty happy with what I picked up! I haven't tried some of the items yet but I'll probably do a review. 

December 2012 Haul

I have heard a lot of things about the Clear line of hair care now, and I just couldn't help myself. I do have a feeling a lot of my hair troubles come from my scalp but we'll see what this can do. It was $4.99 at Target.

Okay, now before you have a heart attack at the price of the Shiseido cotton pads ($9.50), there is a reason behind this buy. I watch Michelle1218 on YouTube and I love her videos, she and I are actually very similar and we'd probably get along great! I really trust her reviews and advice so when she did an explanation on these I couldn't pass them up. These are the best cotton pads on the planet pretty much. The cotton is untreated unlike pads you'd buy at the drugstore. That means they are much softer and don't shed and are better at being used for what they are meant to be used for. I can't wait to give these a try and I will definitely be doing a comparison review soon. 
The gold beauty to the top right is the Too Faced Lip Creme in, "In The Buff". This is another raved about product in the beauty community and I haven't heard a single bad thing about it. It is so moisturizing and the color payoff is incredible. I wanted more than one but I decided to try this color first. The tube is nicely weighted and makes it feel expensive, and the formula just glides on. ($21 at Sephora)

I am in desperate need of a new cleanser and I had tried Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser before and their Ultra Moisturizer so I decided to pick up to small sizes in each to give them another go and see how my skin works with them. I think they'll work out just fine but I'm looking forward to it! (Cleanser $9 for 2.5 fl oz and moisturizer $18.50 for 2.5fl oz)

Finally, we walked into JCrew and I saw this button up and just had to get it. I love the color and the dots and best of all it was on sale for $50 instead of $78! They have other colors too, but not all of them are on sale. Someday I will fill my wardrobe with JCrew :)

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