Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Thoughts

My week has been pretty up and down and that is not always a great feeling. I'd much rather have a week full of consistency, but alas, things do happen.

I have come to find that one of my better thinking spots is my car. Today while I was driving the title of my blog popped into my head. I thought about what it meant to me, why I chose it, and how others could be influenced by it. Some Blissful Chaos. Most would probably say it contradicts itself. I however, think differently.

In our lives, we need to have chaos. It is a natural part of going through our days, months, and years. Chaos will occur at the most inopportune times, but we should be more welcoming to it. Without chaos, we can't know bliss. We can't know serenity and the happiness that comes with it. Bliss means many different things to people. Some people find bliss in the activities they do, some feel it associated with emotions, and it is important to figure out what bring you bliss.

I usually associate it with love and safety. Love is very encompassing it makes me feel safe, happy, warm, and appreciated. Love comes from many places: family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, and even our pets. I know that my little Charlie bear always brings me that feeling, in the tiniest of ways!

So we should really start to embrace the chaos, and not become so wound up about it. Of course there will always be days when it gets to much. Just don't let it stop you from trying to experience the good and happiness in your days. Don't let it stop you from reaching a goal, finishing a project, or even telling someone that you love them. Remember, without chaos we wouldn't know bliss.

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