Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sephora + Pantone Universe

So if you've been in a Sephora lately, then you know about the Sephora/Pantone partnership that has resulted in a line of products celebrating the color of the year: Tangerine Tango. There are make-up brushes, eye shadows, blush, lip colors, and nail polish.

Well get ready because they just one-upped that whole line. They have come out with an eyeshadow palette called the Shades of Nature Eye Shadow Palette.

Is that not gorgeous?!? Well, I bought mine and just received it and I'm in love. First off the packaging comes off very Apple-esque. White box, white palette, and it is so pretty!

The packaging is perfect. The weight isn't too heavy and I don't feel like it is so light I'll just toss it. The closure is magnetic, not a strong one so be careful if you travel with this. I would put a rubber band around it just in case.

The colors are to die for, the range is so perfect and the color pay off is more than I expected. What I like is there are a few shades of each color, a few greens, a few purples, etc. What is awesome, is they put a plastic cover in that has all of the color's Pantone numbers. Very clever.

I did a few swatches above and they are so pigmented! What is probably the most attractive thing is that there are matte and shimmer colors, neutral and bright color. However, the bright colors are colors that anyone could really pull off; even if you just used them as eyeliners!

I am so incredibly happy I got this palette, it is like the only thing I need now for eye shadows!

Sephora $55.00

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