Thursday, June 28, 2012

Haul! 6/28

So I went out to the mall with my friend Sarah to catch up and of course my wallet literally just opened and out went some money....

First stop was Lord and Taylor's, where we pretty much looked at everything. I was drawn to this 5 shelved little thing full of Ahava. I got a facial moisturizer from them in a Birchbox and I really like it. I also was intrigued because it is a brand that bases all of its products from the Dead Sea. It takes ingredients you can find in the Dead Sea and infuses them into the products. They are also paraben free and allergy tested (great for someone sensitive like me).

I picked up this starter kit for $15! Such a cute little travel bag. It has a Dead Sea Water Mineral Body Lotion, a Time To Clear All In One Toning Cleanser and a Time to Hydrate Essential Day Moisturizer for normal to dry skin. Then I bought one of their body lotions in Honeysuckle and Lavender :)

Since I bought two items I was given a free gift! This is one hell of a free gift is a bag designed exclusively for Ahava by none other than REBECCA MINKOFF!! Did you fangirl inside a little? Yea so did I!

How cute!

So next we hit Target, which was great because I actually had to go buy a new hamper. I'm adding a desk to my room soon so I wanted a hamper that was higher, rather than wider. You can see Charlie and his devil eyes. It's probably because my dad and I thought it'd be funny to stick Charlie in the hamper...whoops!

I also wanted to pick up some more face towels, and I had liked the Yes to Blueberry face towels so much I thought I'd try cucumber!

Finally, we made a last minute stop in Bath and Body Works who was having their massive sale. I bought a Pink Tulip candle for four dollars and then I bought what I thought was hand sanitizer in Wild Honeysuckle...until I got home and showed my mom and realized it was hand soap. Oh wells!

Hope you enjoyed!

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