Monday, June 11, 2012

Love/Hate Review: St.Tropez Bronzing Mousse

Today I am going to review the St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse for you guys, but beware this is no ordinary review. I've been using this for probably two weeks now and I have such a strong love/hate relationship with this product. No joke.

First let's start with the details - you can buy it at Sephora or at St.Tropez's website. I went to Sephora and I bought the 8oz bottle for $40. Yeah, I know, it is an investment. I will say this though, if you go to St. Tropez's website, no matter where you bought it, they have great videos on how to use all the products in their line.

Okay so here is the good stuff about this product:
- The smell isn't that terrible. They say they have some fancy technology called Aromaguard that helps with that.
- The color is GORGEOUS. I knew that going in, St.Tropez was considered one of the best for self-tanning. The mousse comes out this dark deep brown and to a girl who is pretty pale, that is down right terrifying.
- If you use the applicator glove then it really helps putting this stuff on, it is fool proof though because you can see where you're going and if you go over a spot more than once it is okay. It is only spotty if you miss a spot.
- The color isn't too dark for someone who has lighter skin. Usually, when you have a tan people are always complimenting it or saying their jealous...I didn't get any of that, which I think was a good thing. It wasn't too in your face.

The bad news about this stuff:
-If you're sensitive to smell then you'll probably hate it. I'm pretty sensitive to everything and while it wasn't bad compared to other still wasn't great.
- The sticky feeling you get is horrendous. I felt like anything I touched was going to cling to me! There is no transfer of color but I felt so gross!
- You have to wait 4 hours before showering or sweating...that was torture.
-It is expensive....
- If you miss a is really noticeable.
- The glove is not precise. There was a lot of splotches on my arms in particular, where the skin was thinnest. The application went on even but one you showered the color came off more in some areas.
- It is a ton of work! You have to spread it over your body, you can't rub it in or else it just dissipates!

So in the end this thing is going back. I love the color payoff but the hassle and the stickiness is just not worth it. I would like my $40 back please!

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