Saturday, June 9, 2012

June Birchbox

I'm back with my June Birchbox! I know, I've been absent but you can thank my summer classes for that one! I'm almost done with the school year in terms of work so hopefully, I will have a little more free time.

So let's get started! This box's theme was travel and being a jet setter....something I am not haha I really haven't been on a true vacation. My first and only was to Puerto Rico for my dad's work and I was probably six at the time!

First up, is Stainiac by The Balm. It is a cheek and lip tint in the color beauty queen. It is a berry red color, very pretty and the swatch on my hand is faded but still there even 9 hours later. I've never tried any of The Balm's products but I hope now that I have this, maybe they'll send more! Full size - $17.00.

Next is Coola mineral face sunblock in cucumber. Cucumber is a hit or miss smell for me, so we'll see about this. I'm intrigued by the mineral part of this, I'm not sure if it will be any different from a regular sunscreen. What I do love though is that it is certified organic and it is spf 30. Can't wait to try this! Full size - $36.00.

This is a scent that I've heard about over and over and never was interested in trying. It is the signature scent by Juicy Couture. It says that it is a blend of sweet and floral notes. I do like floral, but it is usually Jasmine or Rose or something sexy like that. It has a little of that, but it is a bit too strong for me. I'm sure I'll use it just because it only takes 10 sprays to get rid of the sample, but other than that, I am not a fan. Full size - $69.00 - $89.00.

This is an iffy product for me. It is the One Step Bronze by Stila. While I am impressed that it was a full size product at 1 oz, there is one thing I really hate about it - it has too much shimmer in it. It looked like I had stuck my hand in a bucket full of shimmer after I rubbed this in. Not to mention the color is dark. However, the idea for this is cool. It is a bronzer, primer, and serum all in one. It is also supposed to help with oil control. I think it is extremely moisturizing which is awesome. However, it is pretty dark for me and I really don't think even foundation would help hide the shimmer overload. On the card it says 3 masks for $36...I think it was a misprint because it makes no sense! On Sephora it is $36.00 for the full size which is 1 oz.

This bag here is the lifestyle extra for June - a bag by tili. It says these are great for traveling and going through airports! Again, I would know because I've only been on a plane once but this is such a cute bag! You can get a pack of 9 -12 for $8.49 - $9.49.

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