Wednesday, June 13, 2012

LGMH Day 2!

LGMH = Let's Get Me Healthy :)

It is technically 12:07 am Wednesday but I just got home...

Today was insane I went to work, helped fill 200 water balloons, worked out, and showered all before 11am! Then I did some stuff for my internship and went back to work, where sadly, water day was cancelled and moved to Thursday. Worst of all is I babysit Thursday afternoons and I won't be able to take part :(

Anyways - to the workout! Today I ran on the treadmill 10 minutes just like yesterday. I'm going to keep going with the 10 minute set-up and move it up gradually as my stamina improves.

Then I did the Long and Lean workout from the Beach Babe dvd! I loved it because it is pretty much a yoga routine and I love me some yoga! The girls who made the dvd, are the owners of Tone It Up, and they are amazing. You just want to watch them and see what they have to say on their blog, it is infectious. I'm hoping as I get stronger I can start doing the other routines on the dvd, I've tried and I end up collapsing part way through. I know it is better to do a little, but not when you can't even hold the right form.

Other than that, I felt good today. I am sore in my shoulders from the pushup challenge, but I'm excited to do that tomorrow.

Good Night!

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