Monday, June 4, 2012

Beginning of Summer Update

Well the beginning of my summer also marks the beginning of some new things happening. Sadly, it includes me working and still taking classes. Yes, that is right, I am already in week number 3 of summer classes. I have 3 more weeks of Empirical Political Inquiry and Writing for the Professions, and then I start another two classes for another six weeks. Yikes.

I'll also be working a new job schedule, but it won't be all summer, which means I am on the hunt for a second job :( In some ways it is good because I need the money, but it makes less time to get all the things I need to do done.

I am also in week two of my internship (officially). If you want go check out! I've done five knowledge cards already! Martinique, Gaza Strip, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, and Sulfates (yes I know the last one is random). It is awesome to see my work go live on a website. I have my new topics for this week already picked out so we'll see how that goes. I have been thinking about a lot of ideas for the company and the website, I'm thinking about maybe making time to go to the office in NYC to meet everyone and talk to my boss about what I'm thinking. It would be awesome to do.

Let me see...what else? Well on the health front my whole family is pretty much cruddy :/ Both my parents have been fighting off some bug. My dad has to get a root canal. I just found out I have an ulcer in my mouth which has been causing the pain. Oh and I pinched a nerve in my shoulder stretching...once again I prove I am a danger to myself haha

I need to wake up for work in like 7 hours so I will end this post with a puppy picture!

Charlie looks so happy in this picture! He turned 9 months old yesterday :)

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