Monday, September 24, 2012

Back Pain and Brownies

This title really makes me laugh, it seems so least to me.

Currently, I've fallen victim to some really bad lower back and side pain, nausea, and just a bunch of other symptoms. We here at the Smeriglio household, have narrowed it down to our guess prognosis of something with my kidneys.

Very specific, I know ;)

I am seeing the doctor tomorrow so hopefully this will be over soon, I just feel so lousy and all I want is to lay in bed all day. Work and school call though, so I'm always running anyways.

This week we have Wednesday off for the Jewish holiday, so that is nice. To celebrate (we'll just use that as our excuse) my boss is having us all over for a BBQ. It is more of a "make a dish and come over" thing, than a real BBQ but there will be pulled pork and drinks so I am there.

I, as usual, will be putting together a dessert, since that is my specialty. I was going to make Buckeyes but I decided to experiment and do something a little less time consuming. I am going to make double chocolate brownies with the super mini Reeses cups mixed in and then I am topping it off with some peanut butter drizzle!

I am planning on making a blog post about that so look out for it! My favorite part is licking the brownie batter from the bowl...bad for you I know, but I've been doing it this long and I'm okay!

Final thought - Thursday is my one year anniversary with Shaun! yay!

It is weird that it is one year, it almost feels longer than that, but in a good way. I won't say what I got him yet, just in case he happens upon the blog...but I think it is way awesome. I'll share details after Thursday :) I think we'll end up just having a nice dinner out or something but I like those kinds of things the best.

Have a good week!

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