Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fun Internet Finds

I am guilty of spending quite a bit of time just roaming the interwebs looking at anything and everything. So that time spent is going to be put to good use by sharing my finds with you!

This is the coolest thing ever! It is an atlas that shows every color ever possible. It is an 8in x 8in x 8in cube and I think this would be the greatest coffee table piece ever. Plus the inspiration one could get would be endless!

What Happens When an iPhone 5 is Glued to the Ground

This is the random humor I was born with kicking in, but I think this is too funny. Also, part of me is taken back that anyone would spend all that money just to pull a prank. However, I've already seen a video of the iPhone 5 being blown up in a microwave - so what ever makes people happy, right?

This is a screenshot of my favorite new website, Treehouse. I've been very into learning HTML/CSS right now and this is how I've been doing so. I also have books and I use other websites but this is awesome. It is the same concept as Codeacademy where you go through lessons and earn badges but Treehouse uses videos so you see the instructors doing it along with you. Plus they quiz you, which is also a bonus. The only setback is the price, it is free to have an account but to get the services you can either get a silver account for $25 a month or gold account for $50 a month. For just learning purposes I'd go with the silver, but they do offer half off your first month through the gold account!

This is my favorite website to go to for news, in particular technology news. Pulse started out as an iPad app and then slowly expanded to the iPhone and then the web. You can pick a bunch of different sources and Pulse puts them together under a category and you can see all of what is happening. They have a ton of legitimate sources too like The New Yorker, New York Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Birchbox, CNN, and so much more. You can see that I have a bunch of different categories set up on the left. Then in the rest of the screen is all the stories from those sources, but you can click to get stories from only one source if you want that too. Love this.

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