Friday, September 14, 2012

What I'm burning right now

Thought I would share what candle I am burning right now and the one I had previously. I am such a candle person and I honestly never feel like I can have enough. Sadly, I have to wait sometimes before I can go splurge (damn you Bath and Body Works, those 3 wick candles can be so expensive!).

First up, I will share the candle I just finished burning:
This is such a lovely scent, I like certain flower scents but if it is just a jumbled super strong floral scent it can make me sick to my stomach! Poppy Sunshine is described as, "A luscious burst of red poppies on a sunny day, with sparkling lemon, sweet red raspberry and a touch of white musk".

It is probably one of the best scented candles I've ever burned, it is just that good.

Next is my current candle, also from Bath and Body Works:
Pink Tulip is more floral than Poppy Sunshine, but it is a very soft and pretty scent. "As sweet as Spring's first bouquet, fresh cut tulips, soft lilac and hyacinth blend perfectly with watery violet and a touch of sandalwood". I figured since it is technically still summer for another week or so I could get away burning this - especially since it was my last candle!

No worries though - I just went to the mall and picked up a handful of candles so look out for a haul soon! 

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