Friday, December 14, 2012

Connecticut Shooting

This is going to be short. I have lived in Connecticut all my life and I never thought (no one ever does) that we'd ever see a tragedy like this. I wrote this on my facebook but all I can think to do is repeat it here.

I am completely at a loss for words. 27 people, 14 of which children dead. For what? I am literally nauseous and shaking because as someone who works in an elementary school so closely with children, I couldn't fathom having to lose any of them. I love the kids I work with and I would do anything to protect them. I just can't even bring myself to words how upset I am to see this happen anywhere, let alone my own backyard.

I have worked in a public school with children for over 8 years now and it blows my mind that something like this happened. Sadly though, schools all over are some of the easiest places to walk into. You don't go through security to enter a school, you don't even end up in the office when you enter. The office is off the side so anyone can really just go through and start walking the halls. 

But that is the point of a school right? To be open to the kids and families of that school, not to be a prison where no one trusts anyone else. That is why tragedies like this happen in schools. Everyone is going to call for stricter gun control. That's fine and dandy, but that won't get to the heart of the problem. 

There are sick and twisted people out there and if they are crazed enough they will get access to whatever they have to. They will do harm to others because that is what is going on in their minds. These people need help and to be kept away from the rest of the public, and yet they are constantly slipping through our societal cracks.

All my thoughts go out to the entire community, school, and the state. As I go to work this afternoon and try to enjoy the holiday party we are having for our kids and their families, I will be grateful for the chance I have to work with them.  

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