Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review: LORAC Pro Palette

I'm here to review the LORAC Pro Palette and I got this as a Christmas gift. I have been so interested in this palette ever since it was released but it just took a while for me to get my hands on it. 

Here is the packaging, I tried to use natural light but it came out too bright. However, the box is beautiful and it is all glittery which is a great touch. On the back it even offers tips for what colors to use together. 

For how thick the box was, I was astonished at how thin the palette was. It is maybe about an inch, possibly shorter. It is a rubber like outside too which is nice, and may get a little dirty but it is such a smooth surface that it is easy to clean. 

The palette comes with 16 colors, half matte and half shimmer. They are gorgeous! The above picture is in natural light. There are a few colors that are similar between the matte and shimmers but I like that not every color has a match. For example, the darkest matte color is black but the shimmer's darkest color is a slate blue. 

Here is the palette with lamp lighting, and I actually think it is more true to color here than in natural lighting. I will tell you right now, I am so in love with this palette. I will even go as far to say that I love it more than both Urban Decay Naked palettes! 

Above are the matte colors swatched on my hand and get this...without a primer! That white is incredible! The mattes are true to color and the color payoff is outstanding. 

Here are the shimmer colors and they are just as impressive. The shimmer is great and there is only one color with slightly chunkier shimmer. That color I believe is champagne, but it is easily worked with. 

This palette is hands down my favorite eyeshadow palette EVER. The shadows are so creamy and pigmented and while you do get a little dust from putting your brush in it it is worth every penny. It also comes with a small tube of the Mini Behind the Scenes Eye Shadow Primer (.17 oz). It has a slight skin tone tint to it but it is a pretty good primer. 

Each eyeshadow is .32 oz and something I love with this is that it has no parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs or triclosan! I did get that off Sephora's website but it is so nice to see a company do that with a product like eyeshadows. 

The palette sells at Sephora for $42 (a $110 value). 

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