Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Graduation

There won't be any photos to share, no cap and gown, and no diploma (at least not yet). Tuesday is my "graduation" or my last day of college. Going to an school online meant I had the option of signing up for commencement and then going all the way to Arizona for graduation. 

I didn't want to spend that time with people I didn't know though. Even though today's activities weren't even a party, it is sort of just how I wanted to spend my "graduation". My mom decided that today since my brother would be around we would have our own little celebration. 

It was funny though, right in the middle of a timed exam my mom called me to come out into the living room. Kinda perfect though, since it was an ode to my school work. She played the commencement song as I walked into the living room and they stood and clapped.

It was honestly the cutest thing ever, and it was special to me. 

Then I got my graduation present :) I am now the proud owner of the Nexus 10 tablet by Google. I have been playing with it most of today. It is pretty awesome.

So yeah, I've pretty much come down with a cold so I've been blowing my nose all day but my graduation was pretty great. I got to watch a movie and play video games with my brother. I finished everything for one of my classes. Plus, I got a really yummy cake :)

There is only 40 multiple choice questions and a third of an essay to be written separating me from collegiate freedom!

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