Friday, December 21, 2012

Holidays and Head Injuries

Yeah, you read that right...head injuries. I had an unfortunate experience yesterday at work and while I was able to laugh about it, it hasn't really ended well for me.

We play a game at work called Mat Ball, which is pretty much kickball with some revisions to the rules, like you can have up to 3 people on a base at once. In the morning, I got hit in the head with the kickball, while running to third base. I felt a little funny but mostly I just had a headache.

That afternoon we played again I got hit in the butt once and after that I got hit in the head again. I threw my hands up and said "I'm done, I'm going to sit in the hall way", I did get a good laugh from everyone in the gym. Needless to say I've avoided playing in the gym for a while.

So it is possible that I have a slight concussion, especially since I have had quite a few and I am more prone to them.

Anyways, it is officially the winter vacation and I have until the 2nd off! We had our last school day today, and usually I don't work Fridays but today we had a staff holiday house challenge, so I wanted to work. We had two teams of four counselors and we each had to build a house out of graham crackers and candy. We let the kids watch and then they got to vote for the winner. Sadly, my team did not win but we did make a pretty great house.

I hope all of you enjoy the holidays and if you've already celebrated then enjoy your vacation!

Our house!

The front with our silly team name


A view of the other team's house

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