Sunday, December 16, 2012

Review: Mary-Kay Mini Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss Set

So I got this as a little gift and I thought it was completely adorable! As you guys know, I am not the biggest lip gloss fan because usually I find it very sticky. However, this is a beautiful set that just glides over the lips. 

Something that pleased me more was that it was by Mary-Kay, which we never hear about at all. My mom used to sell Mary-Kay and I would be her assistant (must be where my love of make-up started!). These colors are amazingly pigmented and I actually love the sparkle in it. 

The colors are swatched here on my hand, starting from bottom to top. 

The first color is called Beach Bronze and is a gold colored gloss with gold sparkles. It is a great color to wear to wear to blend into your natural lip color.

Next color is probably my favorite, it is called Red Passion and it is just what it looks like, red gloss with red sparkles. Perfect for a party lip or going out.

Next, is Pink Luster which is a more rosy pink with what looks to me like silver and pink sparkles. 

Then, is another favorite, Berry Tart, which has silver sparkles. 

The light pink color you see has the cutest name, Fancy Nancy, and it has gold sparkles. This is a great natural color. 

Finally, there is a clear gloss, Icicle, which has more silver/blue sparkles.

 There you go! I love this kit and will definitely use it, it really is a great thing to use all year round. You just can't go wrong with these colors. 

Each gloss is .5 grams but I couldn't find it on the website, so if you know someone who sells MK, be sure to ask!

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