Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday: Favorites

I know I know, I totally forgot to post Wednesday and Thursday. Let me just blame that on my procrastination of a 7 page paper that was due. I hate when I get into a mood where I can't get my work done, it is really frustrating! Anyways, back on schedule with Friday favorites.

Right now my favorite story for the week is the Susan G. Koman foundation and their awful choice to cut funding for Planned Parenthood, and then their decision to take that back. I'm probably going to write a separate post on this but this was a very important story. It is a perfect example of how politics has become a cumbersome thing. It changes people and what they see as right and wrong. Obviously, the public felt that the decision to cut funding the program was not the best thing to do, and sadly it took this whole debacle for the Susan G. Koman foundation to figure that out. Hundreds of thousands seek their health care at Planned Parenthood and it was an irresponsible decision on the part of the Koman foundation.

I just started listening to Lana Del Ray's new album Born To Die. When I say just started, I mean like 2 hours ago haha It is amazing though, I am so impressed with the songs. I've heard Video Games a few times and liked it, but her other songs are so much more awesome! I saw her SNL performance and I was so hesitant because she was so terrible, but it was probably nerves. Plus, no one sounds the same as their CD live. Two other songs I'm loving are "This Little Girl" by Cady Groves...did not think I'd like this so much but I think it's one of those girl songs all girls can relate to. Also I'm dying over "Somebody I Used To Know" by Goyte.....oh my freaking lord it is such a good song. I want to choreograph a dance to it, it is just that good.

I'm really into winged eyeliner right now too. I don't know why but when it is done right, it totally changes your eyes. I've been using the Urban Decay liners I got for my birthday and they are great. I also really love the Tinted Balm from Bobbi Brown as my foundation right now. It is a little dark and yellow but not enough where it doesn't look natural :)

Flowers. I've gotten flowers three different times in the last like two weeks. I just love getting them, and having them up in my room.

Other than that, I don't have too much on the list. Hope you all have a good weekend!

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