Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday: American Eagle Haul

Tonight I met up with my friend Nikki to have dinner. We've known each other since elementary school and we get so busy now a days that we haven't seen each other in a while, so it was so nice to see her again! Well, after dinner we stopped in American Eagle at the mall and we both could not help ourselves haha

So I figured I would share with you what I bought from there! I had 15% off on my purchase, so I went a little crazy but I really like everything I bought.

So first up, I bought this shirt in two colors:

I adore flowy tops like this and one of my favorite body parts of mine is actually my shoulders and my collar bone, so these are perfect for showing those off. Hey, even with my four surgery scars on my right shoulder!

I found this and almost died, I have been looking for a sweater like this for so long. It is perfect because it is something I could even pull off in the Summer when it gets cool at night.
There was this cute cross-body bag and I have really loved having a cross body bag, but my dog chewed a hole in it and threw up on it, so it was time to retire it. I really liked this though because it's perfect for all the running around from work and other errands.
Then I saw this color and had to have it. I love these bandeau bras, they are so cute and perfect for layering under low cut tops. The lace just makes it so pretty. I love Aerie (American Eagle's under wear line) so whenever I get a chance I try to pick something up.

When I was looking for this picture I saw this, and I want it in like every color:
This is just so cute and awesome all in one :)

Finally, I bought this shirt, but weirdly there was no picture on the website so I had to take one of my own!
It is a black dolman shirt with a v-neck (which is hard to see in this picture) and drawstrings. You can see the beads if you look hard. Also the neck line and around the arms is lined with little pom pom balls, which is actually kinda cute. If the shirt goes up on the site, I'll post that picture instead.

Well that was all! Hope you enjoyed :)

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