Friday, February 10, 2012

Thursday: Youtube Video

So for Thursdays, I want to share the social media that I loved most for the week. I have two Youtube videos in particular that I wanted to share. First up, is by JennaMarbles, who if you don't know her, is one of the funniest girls ever. She is hysterical, and completely blunt and honest which makes it even better. She also has two adorable little dogs, Marbles the Chihuahua and Kermit the Italian Greyhound. They are amazing and even star in their own videos sometimes! Here is her video for this week, what boys do in the bathroom in the morning :)

Next up, is a video by Phillip DeFranco. He is one of the biggest stars of Youtube and there is a reason. He is so genuine and doesn't feed his viewers crap. He tells it like it is and if you don't like his opinion well fuck off. He does a show every day, and reports on "stuff that mattered to him". The best part about this video and why I love it so much, is that he uses his humor so well. And even if he is making jokes about women or gays you cannot help but laugh because he actually cares a lot about people but he just knows how to make fun of everyone. You can actually learn a lot from his shows. This is his Thursday show!

Hope you enjoy these two videos! Have a freaking amazing weekend guys!

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