Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday: Leap Day Crazy

Since when has Leap Day become such a huge day? Even 30 Rock came out with an episode for Leap Day! Go watch on, it is so good. I just cannot remember when Leap Day became a "holiday". People all over Facebook were wishing others a "Happy Leap Day". Just a tad strange.

Then to top it all off, there are rumors that Snookie is preggers?!? Holy cow. The world is over as we know it, if she and her crazy boyfriend are going to start reproducing. (We all know that if it were true, it was unexpected). It makes me shudder a little to think this girl (since she continues to act like one haha) who just said on national television the other night, that she "felt like breaking a law or two"; could possibly even be allowed to have a child. It baffles me.

Today was just such a strange day, the weather stunk. Everyone overreacted like usual and thought we were gonna get a ton of snow. I'll admit I thought we might get the snow too. Rain. All it did was rain and rain. I would rather it be a thunder storm than what we had, it was just a blah day. Which didn't help us here at home, because everyone down to little Charlie has been feeling cruddy. Mom is still in pain, I've got a infection and am in pain, dad's back has been a mess, and Charlie has been throwing up everywhere!

We're a mess!

I think he agrees :)

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