Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friday: Favorites

This week has been a long one, and I don't know about you but I am exhausted! I hope everyone had an amazing Valentine's Day :) I am officially celebrating tomorrow night with the boyfriend but he brought me flowers Tuesday :) I'm in the last week of my Chemistry and History classes, so hopefully all will go smoothly. I've been so bogged down by homework lately! I have a week off from work and rehearsals this coming week and on the 28th I have an interview so wish me luck! So on to my favorites for the week :)

The Laura Mercier Lingerie Eye and Cheek Palette
- this has been amazing for my make-up looks this week. I did a subtle pink and purple smokey eye that was gorgeous. The colors are incredible and the color payoff is amazing. The blushes especially are amazing in the color pay off department.

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Beige Gold
- the perfect nude with a hint of gold...this lipstick is outstanding in every way :)

Washington and Maryland
- Washington became the next state to legalize gay marriage and Maryland is right behind them :) Congratulations!

- this is Phillip DeFranco's (sxephil) newest venture. He is a genius and I love watching his show, The Phillip DeFranco show. This is a mix of a news show, comedy, game show, and more. The people he has working on the show as hosts and amazing, Elliot Morgan, Joe Bereta, and Lee Newton are some of the most awesome and funny people I've seen in a long time. Be sure to check it out and subscribe!

Angry Birds
-Facebook just got Angry Birds and my love for it as been renewed :)

Pintrest &
-these two websites I just reviewed in my Thursday post, be sure to check that post out and then go see those websites in action :)

Well, that's all for the Friday post. Have a great weekend and don't party too hard ;)

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