Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday: Randomness

Ah is my random, talk about whatever I want post. Thing is, I don't know what I want to talk about. My brain has been turned to mush by the 5/6 hours of Chemistry homework I've done today. I took off my afternoon shift just so I could get it done.

The only interesting things I managed to do today was 1. pay 23 bucks to get Charlie's nails cut (such a rip off!) 2. turn in a bunch of scratch offs that I won $42 on (yay!) and 3. pick up my brother from school and bring him back home.

I feel like I need another 10 hours of sleep though, which I will not get since its 10 pm and I have to wake up for 6:20 am tomorrow. I'm just looking forward to the weekend. I get to officially celebrate Valentine's Day with my boyfriend :) I don't exactly know what that means...we might just go out for dinner but either way it makes me happy. Sadly though, my homework is no where near done. I have to do a small writing assignment on 10 pages worth of reading. I have to do discussion replies, and start prepping for an essay due in less than a week.

It makes me so tired and angry just thinking about it, especially since I just registered for four Summer classes today. 3 political science classes and one english class to finish off my literacy requirement. Yeesh, and I will have 4 more classes left come fall semester. That diploma should be mine no later than December.

I got the interview I've been wanting! I know that is random,  but school might play a part in whether I get this job. It's for a company called Public Allies, where I will get a job through them with a non-profit. It's really exciting so hopefully it'll all work out. They just say they'd rather the applicants not be in school, but this job won't start until September, and I will only have less than 3 months to go in school. Since, I'm online hopefully they'll make an exception!

I am going to go look up crafts for work, I'm probably running an art class for 4 Fridays in March, and I need to have projects to present to my boss! Have a good night :)

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