Saturday, February 25, 2012


So I know I've been MIA lately but the last week of my classes was kicking my butt. I start two new ones on Monday but I'm excited for them because they are my 1st official political science classes. I'm taking political ideologies and American national government.

I hate not having anything to do so I'm glad I don't have a break off. Besides I'm so close to being done! Four classes in the summer and four in the fall and hello diploma!

My mom just had surgery on Friday. She's in a ton of pain because she kinda had a not so great outcome. She tore her bicep tendon and they didn't know until they went in. She ended up with a ton of stitches and staples. She pretty miserable but she starts therapy next week so hopefully she will recover soon!

Other than that not much is going on. I had the week off from work and rehearsals but thankfully I'll get back into the schedule on Monday. I like having a list of things I have to do and go to.

Well I just wrote this whole thing as I am on my way to NYC. We are on the train and this is not easy to do on an iPhone lol

Enjoy your weekend!

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